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Who is it for?

For all mums that want their bodies to feel and function better after having a baby.

It doesn’t matter if baby is 6 weeks or 6 years old, if you want to become a fitter, healthier and happier mum then the postnatal Zipped Up Mums exercise classes, 121 personal training sessions and postnatal nutritional programmes are for you!

Your body has gone through a major transformation during pregnancy and birth – with the Zipped Up programme you will learn to take care of your body, loose weight, tone up, flatten the “mummy bulge” and get more body confident.  Sign up today to get fast results!

What is it?

Total effective exercise and nutritional programmes to help eliminate your mummy tummy, balance hormones give you more energy and feel better. Help correct Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles) and target the core and pelvic floor, getting you moving and functioning better.

It’s about respecting your new body enough to make it look and feel better. To nourish, strengthen and lose baby weight. Zip up those pre-baby jeans! Get your pelvic floor functioning better and become a more stronger and  confident you!

A year from now you”ll wish you had started today!

How do you do it?

Sign up to the postnatal classes or 121 personal training sessions and the nutritional Supercharge Me Club 6 week “missions”.  Combining exercise and nutrition is the best way to get fast, long lasting results. There will be homework to get faster results. Allocate that precious time to reconnect with yourself. Learn the ‘Zipping up’ technique – to eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain and help correct the rounded shoulders posture mums often get after feeding, carrying and staring at your baby so often!

The technique combines Stott Pilates, core strength development, body conditioning and nutritional programmes to get a better you.   Less challenging options are given to sleep deprived mummies.  For those with more to give we will use the ‘layering technique.’

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