Frequently Asked Questions

 You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great 
Can I bring my baby or child?

I recommend that you find suitable childcare as we all know they can be very distracting! I have a regular Saturday morning class that although children are more than welcome it means most mums can find suitable childcare and manage to have that 1 hour “me” time, which I believe is vital. If you are bringing a little one please make sure you bring a blanket as well as food, drink and toys.  Please wrap your child up as the studio can get cold for them. If bringing a child please allow extra time before class starts to get the child comfortable with the new surroundings. Older children are welcome just bring the ipad!


What do I need to bring?

Just a towel and some water

What should I wear?

Comfy clothes such as leggings, work out trousers or joggers, make sure wear a good comfy bra and a vest top/tshirt.

Depending on what exercises we do you may be required to be bare footed or with socks or if we are doing cardio then suitable trainers must be worn.

We are all mums, so come as you want pj’s welcome too!

How can I book 1-2-1 sessions

Please email me for available time slots, I can then check the studio availability and get back to you asap, I have a few studios I use for 121 training, these are: The Bird Studios, Brighton, a private Pilates studio near St Anns Wells Gardens or a private personal training  studio by Hove train station. Once we have agreed the studio slot I will send you payment details.
Should you wish to bring your child please inform me as children not allowed at all studios.
If you have just had a baby and finding it challenging but still want to do a few basic exercises at home, then I can visit you and go through some exercises to kick start activation of your core and pelvic floor.

Do I need a consultation before booking a class?

If you are concerned about a particular pain or pelvic floor leakage or anything else then please contact me by email before the class and we can arrange a quick chat.  Some mums have an hours 121 with me before they start the classes, although this isn’t necessary.

The Monday class is a lot harder and I recommend all must attend 121 sessions or the Saturday morning class before attending.

How long will it take for me to see results?

This depends on how many times you attend the sessions, your diet and if you are doing the homework.  I can not work miracles, I am not a plastic surgeon, however I can promise if you work hard you will see results.  I recommend you set yourself realistic goals and stick to them.
If you want help then join my closed face book group, free motivation advice and video blogs as well as hearing how other mums are progressing.

What if I can't attend a class?

I need 12 hours notice in order to cancel a class, please use the online booking system to cancel and rebook classes.

121 sessions require 24 hours otherwise you will be chargedhalf the cost of the session to cover the studio rent and loss of earnings.  If you are cancelling a 121 please contact me directly 07917113747.

All worskshops and evening small group PT sessions are paid for in advance.  I can not refund you the money unless you or myself can get another mum to fill the space.


What if I have purchased a large number of classes and can no longer participate in sessions due to injury, pregnancy or change in location?

We can freeze the expiry date for up to 12 months or you can transfer to a friend.

How do I trial a class?

If you want to trial before committing then log into the online booking system and select 1 class only purchase.

You have to register first, then pay, then book.  Only 1 trial session per client.

I have health concerns such as bad back or prolapse and I am seeing a specialist, can I still attend?

Yes, please email me your concerns and I am happy to work with your health professional.  Once I know more about your health issues I can then decide if a class or 121 session would be more beneficial.

How do I book?

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