How to book classes, 121’s and join the Supercharged Club

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Booking a class:

Please remember Zipped up mums classes are not courses, you purchase 1,3,6,12 or 20 classes and book & cancel them online.  You are in total control.

1.) Click here.

2.) Sign up/Register (top right)

3.) Choose Membership

4.) Choose the required number of classes

5.) Pay for the classes & read/confirm terms & conditions

6.) Book class

Both classes offered by Emma are located in Brighton at two different locations. Please read the descriptions below as some classes have requirements.

SATURDAY Fitness Class (The Honeycroft Sackville Rd, Hove, BN3 3WF) Suitable for ALL women. If you have recently given birth (and had your 6 week check) or you are menopausal then this is a GREAT class for you. Emma’s unique style of teaching combines pilates, resistance training, functional movement, alignment and an education in how your body works. This isn’t an ordinary exercise class, be prepared to work hard. Emma is renowned for getting the floppiest core and pelvic floor in working order again. This isn’t just an hour out of your week, the class carries on when you walk out of the studio! How you sit, stand, hold yourself, this training is for LIFE not just for an hour. No drop-ins must be booked in advance.

MONDAY Advanced Small Group Training (Stockwell Lodge 121-131 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LW) Open to any of Emma’s previous 1-2-1 clients. Small group of up to 5 women, in a private studio. This is where exercise gets serious, this is a super tough workout which focuses on sculpting and strengthening the whole body whilst still retaining Supercharged ethos of posture and pelvic floor strength. Assessments for this class are done on a regular basis, if you wish to join and have not been before please get in contact with us at

Booking a 121 session

1.) Times and studio space vary from week to week, therefore in order to book a 121 then please contact me directly or