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Hello mums! So I just wanted to share my supercharge me story – it’s been life changing and I can’t thank Emma and Mary enough…going to be brave and share an underwear pic in a public group ahh!

I started the mission mid-September, which now feels a lifetime ago. I wanted to do it as I thought it would complement Emma’s creche course really well (this course is amazing for any new mums!) – in my mind I was sure that my main priority was to lose my mum tum. However on Supercharge Me, I have discovered that it is so much more than that to me. I learnt with the help of Mary what I value and that I have spent too many years needing the approval of the people around me; my real goal was to accept and LOVE myself.

So 12 weeks later and here it is. As I took it, I was finally able to fully look at myself; and surprised myself that I was happy with what I saw, for the first time in a long time. I’m starting to love myself now, and feel more positive about me than I could write – slowly, my tummy separation seems to be coming together and my mum tum going down. So this is a fitter stronger me, thanks to Emma Fullwood‘s ass kicking classes and I can even feel myself getting better in class each week.

Like all of us, I have good and bad days. But lately a lot of those days I feel badass and hugely proud of myself. Just wanted to say thank you to Emma, Mary and all you badass Superchargers – I wouldn’t be feeling so happy without all the support. Xxx


I have worked my butt off over the last 12 weeks, having both good and bad days, good and bad weeks. I wasn’t fully into the mission until maybe week 3 of THIS supercharge me mission (so 9 weeks in…), which is when I took my first ‘before’ photo, just 3 weeks ago. I finally cut out sugar completely and limited my alcohol intake, even just one cheeky glass, to 2 days a week. Took me ages to find out how to incorporate all these new changes into my comfortable routine. But I did it!

Here is the result. What you see in the photo is a slimmer, fitter, more confident me. Seriously, where the f#^* did my love handles go?! I never in a million years thought I wouldn’t be caring around my bottom belly jiggle. I also have an ass…i have never had an ass before. I grew to love it and accept my body. And now, I can see my toes (and lady bits, haha) without leaning forward a little.

I’ve also included a photo of me showing my belt loop ‘pre-mission’ and my belt loop now. I need a new one!!!

What you don’t see on the outside is the immense confidence and love I’m developing for my own body. From Mary’s exercises, I’ve identified what makes me tick (boredom, loneliness, stress) and what I love, this body that gave LIFE to my beautiful little boy. And from Emma I’ve learned that I actually am quite strong, even if I moan through every squat, lunge and press up.

I can’t thank everyone enough for posting, sharing, bitching, ranting, encouraging, ‘liking’. It’s been wonderful to get to know everyone, feels like an honest and solid community. I’m addicted to you all!



I was into my running before getting pregnant and after I’d had my baby I wanted to get fit again. I wanted to do so in a sensible way, to try and prevent risk of injury post pregnancy. I sought Emma Fullwood as I knew she specialised in post pregnancy exercise. I had my first 121 when my son was about 9 weeks old and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been meeting her for a 121 each week since then. Emma pushes me hard, but also tailors my 121s if I’m particularly sleep deprived so that we get the most out of each session. Each week I’m seeing my body changing back to the body I remember!! I feel stronger and fitter and much more confident. I always leave the sessions with a smile on my face. As well as being an amazing trainer, Emma is also down to earth and a really good laugh! Last week I did the core class and I’ll be going back. I used to go to a yoga class at the same time, but I found that I got so much more out of the core class and so I’ve swapped!!! Keep up the good work Emma! Xx


Emma says – “This is one of my lovely mums. She did the course with crèche then classes and changed her foods. Amazing results in less than 12 weeks of work, attending classes once a week.”

A lovely mum

I’ve never been someone to diet or do much exercise but after two lovely babies I realised I wasn’t going to spring back into my pre-pregnancy clothes without some help. (And I got fed up of being asked if I am pregnant with my third. No!) Emma’s classes have been brilliant – I love the exercises and regaining my core strength and she has really motivated me to change my diet and lifestyle. I deleted my ‘before’ photos in horror but I am back in my old jeans and feeling tons more confident. It has also fixed a longstanding back problem and improved my posture – bonus! I would recommend Emma’s classes to any woman looking to regain control of her post-baby body. And to have fun and be inspired along the way!


Emma I just wanted you to know that i visited my osteopath after the class today and she said my tummy separation is showing one of the biggest improvements she has ever seen ! Thank you sooo much !!! xxxx


Lovely class this morning. So happy to finally be getting stronger, and I always ache so much the next day, it’s like I can actually feel my muscles zipping back together. Love it. Thanks Emma! X


I wanted to share my experience so far. I was looking for Postnatal specialist exercise, not because I had any specific problem, but because I wanted to get my strength and fitness back carefully. I have a goal as I’m going skiing in 4 weeks and when I tried on my ski trousers before I started with Emma, I couldn’t do them up!I I started 121s with Emma a few weeks before Xmas (did 3 I think) and a few classes and started following the food plan she gave me. I managed …not to put on weight over Xmas and I can already get into my ski trousers, which is great. I’ve got the next 4 weeks booked up with 121s and classes and hoping my ski trousers will have even more room in them. I feel great after I train with her and can really feel all the right bits of my body working and getting stronger.
Thanks Emma, looking forward to tomorrow’s class


Emma’s classes are fab. She makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. All the mums feel they are in the same boat with no judging or comparing. Emma does a fantastic job of differentiating the class to suit your needs too, which I think is one of the great things about her classes. You won’t be doing anything you can’t do, nor be held back by new comers. The babies are normally really well behaved. But if they’re getting bored, Emma is really hands on and will try and distract them/hold them whilst you get on with trying to workout. She has a few funny phrases to help you work out what to do (often talking about pissing and farting!) but that’s just Emma. Been going for a few months now and miss it when I can’t make the sessions.